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Due Diligence Audits

Due Diligence defines the diligence which is due in the auditing of the object before acquisition or initial public offering in the case of acquisition or sale of participations or real estate or of initial public offering.

Due diligence audits especially include a systematic analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of an object, an analysis of the risks related to acquisition or initial public offering, as well as a sound valuation of the object.
Subjects of auditing are, e.g., annual accounts, human and material resources, strategic positioning, legal and financial risks, environmental hazards.

We make purposeful search for so-called deal breakers, i.e. for facts that might oppose acquisition, e.g. contaminated sites in the acquisition of real estate, or trademark disputes in the acquisition of an enterprise.
Identified risks may either be the reason to stop negotiations or the basis of consideration of such risks in the form of price reductions or warranties.